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A: Pure essential oils are volatile liquids sourced from 100% natural plant extracts, which have been taken from a single botanical source by steam distillation or cold pressing. Conversely, synthetic fragrances are chemicals designed in a laboratory to replicate the scent of a natural flower/plant.
A: Essential oils are made from a concentration of distilled elements of plants - leaves, stems, flowers, bark and roots. Oils are obtained mainly through steam distilling or in the instance of citrus fruits, mechanical cold pressing. Resulting in oils that are up to 70 times more concentrated than the plant from which they came, which is why oils should never be applied undiluted directly to the skin.
A: Prices vary between the essential oils and carrier oils due to geographical origin, availability and extraction method of the natural plant extracts. Raw products used to create oils are sourced from around the world, i.e. Bergamot is typically grown on the Ivory Coast and Lemon in Spain. Some natural plant extracts are easier to source than others, for example Orange is grown readily while Ylang Ylang is less common. The distilling process used to extract the pure natural plant extracts also differs depending on the essential oil or carrier oil. Citrus fruits such as Lemon and Orange have the fruit peel cold pressed whereas Lavender oil is created by distilling the fresh flower tops. When plant extracts are distilled, some produce more oil than others meaning some oils require larger quantities of plant to create 10mls of oil.
A: No, essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin before diluting with a carrier oil, due to the high concentration of plant extracts.
A: Choosing essential oils is a matter of personal preference depending on which scents you favour and the end applications, eg. diffusion, skin treatments, body treatments, etc. Natio has taken the guess work out of choosing your favourite fragrances from the Home Happiness collection with testers available on all floor stands. Experience the scents of Pure Essential Oils, Pure Essential Oil Blends, Massage Oils and Home Scent Spray Mists before you purchase to determine which combinations you wish to experiment with in your own home.
A: Carrier oils are a key part of using essential oils safely, as essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin undiluted. The general rule of thumb is to mix one drop of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil, ensuring safe dilution without diluting the effects of the essential oil. For sensitive skin, use one drop of essential oils with one tablespoon of carrier oil. Quantities may vary depending on the application and treatment. For more information see home fragrance, facial skincare and bath & body.

The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser and Ceramic Essential Oil Burner are both stylish and easy accessories designed to diffuse your essential oils in your home or office.

The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser gently disperses the essential oil molecules using no heat. It features seven light modes and an automatic power off function which is a convenient and safe method of diffusion.

For an ambient experience, the Ceramic Essential Oil Burner softly heats your favourite essential oil using the warmth of a soy candle to gently diffuse the pure essence of nature in the comfort of your own home.

A. Seek professional medical advice before using essential oils when pregnant or breastfeeding.
A. As with all essential oils, do not consume orally or use internally. Essential oils are highly concentrated, always follow the directions of use detailed on the product labels.